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Top Trends in Hair Extension by DC's Health and Beauty Expert 2024

It is an incredible honor to be recognized as DC’s Leading Expert in Health and Beauty. This honor is actually beyond me and I have many supportive people to thank for the empowerment and encouragement. Bella Li Studio was a small flicker of a dream during my darkest and toughest time, and within the year it has grown into something beyond expectations.

Before I offered extensions, I was a pre-med student at George Mason University while attending beauty school simultaneously. I was a dork, nerd, and I still very much loved art, fashion, and all things beauty.

In this article, I introduce top trends in hair extensions, Combline Hair Extensions, because I always going to give you the latest and greatest. And you're always going to get the best quality from me, extensions that look, feel, and move naturally is non-negotiable here at Bella Li Studio. All I ever wanted was to do what I love and help people look and feel their best. We cry together, laugh together, reach major milestones together, and I get to make you jaw-dropping neck-breaking gorgeous day-to-day. It is a win-win! And I appreciate you all so very much, near and far 💕💕✨💕💕

With a grateful heart, 🙏


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