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Introducing Combline Extensions


Before I came across Combline, I always thought this market could use the same technique and application I use for lashes (1:1 connection) but applied for HAIR. Needless to say, I was very excited to bring this incredible tool home to share with the DMV market. Allow me to introduce this revolutionary new method, CombLine Hair Extensions, now available at Bella Li Studio. CombLine gives you the ability to use your favorite hair brand to create invisible, light weight and super comfortable bonds. It is ideal for short layers, stubborn slow-growing front layers, sides, and crown. It is painless, comfortable, and fast - thanks to the special adhesive, the union of the hair-to-hair extension is completely UNDETECTABLE.

I see the possibilities are endless to enhance volume, length, and boost color seemlessly. At Bella Li Studio , you can trust that I'll always bring you the best quality and innovative methods for extensions.

What To Expect:

  • First, Consulation. Lets chat if this method is best suited for you. Combline is intended as an add-on enhancement. A little goes a long way, and it requires maintenance every 4 - 6 weeks. A patch test is required before we jump right in and I want to make this is a good fit for you.

  • Brush, Shampoo, and Style as you please. As your own natural hair sheds (30-50 strands per day), the Combine bonds will also shed with your hair. If you've tried lash extensions - it's very similar. It doesn't not harm your hair hair, it is density-matched, and it can aid healthy hair growth if you're also considering other treatments such as PRP, growth-hormones, Nutrafol, and or Minoxidill.

  • Maintenance every 4 - 6 weeks if you plan to keep up with the same, if-not-more volume, from your initial install.

This is an extremely versatile application used for both thickening and lengthening, it is for both men and women of all ages, lasting up to 8 weeks, it can be applied to the fringe, top, sides and crown areas. With the ability to straighten, blow dry, color and perm over the bonds, CombLine is revolutionary to add. fullness, length, and confidence to areas challenging for traditional other methods currently on the market.

*Virtual Consultations not available for this method because a patch test is required.

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