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Lash Extensions

At Bella Li Studio, we offer the best in quality for lash extensions in a private luxury setting. We prioritize the health of your lashes with an enhancement completely curated for your eyes. Most importantly, you can expect a clean, safe, and hygienic practice for each and every visit. Experience the difference of longer-lasting extensions, whether you're looking for a natural enhancement or a bold statement, we got you covered.

1:1 Attachments

Lash extensions are attachments to your natural lashes to enhance length, curvature, and volume. At Bella Li, we carry the best in adhesive and lashes that ensure long-lasting, beautiful, and natural looking lashes. Our fast drying adhesive allows us to work faster and you only need to keep them dry for 4 hours afterwards.

Hybrid and Xtreme Volume
2:1, 5:1, 8:1 Attachments

Each of our fans are professional made and never pre-purchased, this means each attachment is curated to fit your eyes and natural lashes. This ensures the longevity of your extensions and most importantly - the health of your lashes. Whether you want a classic style or to mimic the look of strip lashes, we carry lashes that are 6mm-17mm in lengths with a variety of thickness and curvature that offers thousands of possibilities. 


Our Classic Set starts at $200 and a touch up is as little as $75. At Bella Li, we do not price by how many days in between your touch. Due to the high retention rate of our lashes, our pricing is only reflected by how much more we need to add to your current set. 

This means you have the freedom to have a lighter set when you need, and a more dramatic set when you need without a complete removal. 

*We do not do a complete removal of lashes in order to provide a touch-up, unless your natural lashes are compromised. We do not refuse you or charge you moreif you come from another salon. 

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