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Welcoming 2024

As I look back on 2023, I am filled with so much gratitude, the last year has been an incredible transformation with the launch of Bella Li Studio. Sometimes taking the initial leap is the scariest part, I know, and I'm incredibly grateful and honored for your support and trust in me.

My work with Great Lengths USA and International has brought an overwhelming and beloved attention to this little studio and it could not have been made possible without you, social followers, friends and new faces 💕

I know this is a late blog post, but the Lunar New Year is coming up and I want to take another chance to to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season, a happy and prosperous new year and can’t wait to share all the exciting new things I have planned for the 2024 year!

From the bottom of my heart, (gosh, I’m fighting back tears 😭 ) thank you 🙏💖

📸 @kseniaprophoto

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