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Welcome Our Newest Bella - Gianna Giovinazzo

Some of you may already know, Gigi is actually one of my bonus babies in our blended family. So with much excitement, hard work, and grit, we are excited provide you the best service and experience at Bella Li Studio.

Gigi is currently studying for her degree in psychology while obtaining her cosmetology license to be part of Bella Li's growing future. She's already got amazing style and I love her minimal but edgy appeal she brings to the table. Next time you're with her, you can ask about the amazing Euro back-packing trip she recently took with wonderful stories and rich cultural inspiration to share

You can now schedule your next hair and makeup service with Gigi

Fun Fact:

Gigi held the title of Miss Teen Maryland International 2017 and I had a wonderful opportunity as her stepmom/pageant coach to style her head to toe and help her present her platform to the stage. It was an intense week-long itinerary that required long-lasting makeup through the hot Florida weather and bright stage lights. I'd say we nailed it and Gigi did so amazing.

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