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The Best Hair Extensions

When you're shopping around for hair extensions, there are semi-permanent options you will encounter. For us at Bella Li Studio, it's important that we understand your needs and hair goals first In order to recommend the best option for you.

Things to consider:

  • Budget

  • Duration and Longevity

  • Desired Color, Texture, Volume

  • Maintenance

Our job is to provide the perfect fit for you. Not every head of hair is the same and you deserve to have hair that is custom and curated just for you and your lifestyle.

Starting with the basics, clip-in extensions are highly accessible and you can enjoy them daily but they do require more responsibilities to take them off and care for your hair extensions . Not only to ensure longevity of the hair, but also for the integrity of your scalp.

Short story: I have had a handful of clients wearing clip-ins pior to finding a better alternative with me because the clip-ins were either too heavy and/or left installed too long, unfortunately causing hair breakage and damaged roots. The same can be expected with weft sew-ins, hand-tied extensions - whether it was installed incorrectly or left in too long without professional maintenance, it will pull on your natural hair causing breakage. Clip-ins, tape-ins are only good for short term wear, ie. or a special event, a special photoshoot, or vacation weekend.

Hand Tied Extensions have come a long way and it is still an excellent short term commitment, in my opinion. It still requires maintenance every 6 - 8 weeks by a hair professional to help you adjust your sew-in weft or remove them. This semi-permanent option also houses different density, texture, and color options. This method is a good option for those looking for more volume and or more length, and by no more than 2-4 inches. The limitations of Hand-Tied Extensions is creating a seemless blend between short hair to a desired longer length. It also has limitations to add more volume or length to front layer and fringes.

The most natural method comes down to keratin bond fusion extensions, which are tediously applied to mimic babylights, to match your density, and to create fuller and longer locks specially where needed. Within this method, you can wear your hair extensions up to 6 months without salon maintenance because it will grow with your own natural hair. When shedding naturally happens, some bonds may be lost but never because your natural hair was compromised.

Whatever you may choose, I do believe in empowering you with better, if not the best information so you can make the best choice fit for you. I have personally had good extension done and poor extensions done on myself and it is why I push myself to provide the best, especially when my own natural hair was in a poorer state before. Hair, just like our lashes and skin reflects our diet, our stress level and inadvertently our better hair days also effects our diet and stress levels. Your hair is the crown you wear, let me help you adjust it and get the day started.

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