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The Difference between Combline versus Vlight Hair Extensions

In the world of hair extensions, there have been major advancements with tools and training available to create discreet, comfortable, and even invisible attachments to natural hair. As a master aesthetician and cosmetologist, it came easily to me to introduce these two methods as add ons to hair extensions I introduce Combline early last month as a revolutionary new solution to create invisible, weightless bonds ideal for front layers, bangs, crown, and stubborn cowlicks. It is unlike any traditional hair extension method, until V-light hair extensions came along.

Before I get into the V-light method, I want to draw similarities to lash extensions because I work with really fast drying glue, the best on the market by Xtreme Lashes, your fresh lash set cures in 4 hours. This means any environmental factors like humidity, rain, or natural tears has less adverse effects on the longevity of your lashes. This timing is important to me and my clients for longer retention, efficient application, and overall better results.

V-light Hair Extensions is an adhesive bond that cures in seconds under a UV blue light. There is a reflective layer that keep the adhesion site clean and protected from UV exposure and you can expect to see me with a glove and a pair blue-light filter glasses on during your application. Initial installation can take up to an hour for a partial crown application with a wash included (the wash is mandatory as it's part of the prep process). It's honestly my new go-to method to add volume and length where 1/8 keratin bonds can't go.

Bonus: The way a fine tooth comb can glide through these extensions is my literally so satisfying.

For more information if this method is a good fit for you, let's chat! Consultations available to schedule online for in-person or virtual appointments. I look forward to having you!

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