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Bella Li Studio is the Official Salon Partner of Nutrafol

Bella Li Studio is the Official Salon Partner of Nutrafol, Dermatologist #1 recommended hair supplement brand for fuller, thicker hair. Bella Li Studio, Washington DC’s premier hair extension speciality studio, is the leader in enhancing hair color, length, and volume with revolutionary methods to enhance hair fullness and overall wellness. This partnership with Nutrafol will provide physician formulated, 100% drug free resources for clients, men and women, to have fuller, thicker hair in 3-6 months.

It's an incredible honor to partner with an amazing brand that is recognized all over the world. I have personally been on Nutrafol for years now and I also swear by it since I first discovered it from my lash client when I noticed a considerable difference in her lashes growth and fullness.

It's especially important to me when I am passionate about your healthy hair journey and the extensionsI provide, on your head and lashes, will not hinder that process.

Ask about our Nutrafol Package Plan at your upcoming consultation!

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