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4 Reasons You Need Lash Extensions

Something about lashes that makes us look more refresh and away, and the continual evolution of styles and customization are unlimited. Lash extensions are popular among the Real Housewives, business women, and young women alike in the Greater Washington Area. And there’s a good reason for that!

1. Lashes Extensions have structure to enhance lift, volume, and length

Imagine less fiddling with the curlers and mascara. Lashes extensions can give you everything you wanted more in your lashes. Lashes that grow downwards? Fixed. Lashes that lack volume or density? Fixed.

2. Wake Up with No Makeup

Wouldn't it be nice to get more time back for yourself, however you like. Lashes alone just prepares you for the day, and if you're the proactive to productive type-A kind of girl. Absolutely yes, lash extensions just puts you in a next-level bracket. You know you can get up and go because it's weather-proof, smudge-proof, and worry-proof. I personally love it because I have that extra confidence to look someone in the eyes, as my clients have said: "It gives me an extra x-factor in the boardroom". LOVE IT!

3. Weather and Water-Proof

The range lash extensions has, you can wear them for a classic natural enhancement or really go more glam without worry of your lashes wearing half-way off, flying in the wind, or traditional mascara smudging. When you get lashes at Bella Li Studio, you need only 4 hours afterwards to keep them dry - then they're all yours. Swim, sleep, shower, and go on about your day.

With a great set of lashes I personally feel adds confidence to every woman (and man!) , it leaves others guessing "is she born with it?"

4. Self-Care

I dont want to throw this word out loosely. With all seriousness, I do love the instant gratification both my clients and I receive after a full set or touchup. My clients get to take a small nap, and they wake up more rejuvenated and looking well-rested.

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