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Bella Li Studio Gives Back

Once upon a time, I was also in pageants. I suppose the bug always stayed with me and I completely understand the nerves and anxiousness that goes into preparations mentally and physically. Before I had children of my own, 2 step daughters who are now young women, and 2 girl toddlers of my own, I have always felt empowered to help other young women shine in their best light.

Over the summer I had a wonderful honor to be a Judge for the Miss VietFest Pageant, the highlight of an incredible event celebrating Vietnamese culture at Tysons Corner Center in McClean, VA. This two-day event featured young women across the DMV showcasing the beauty of our heritage, their talent in song, dance, and STEM - and their individuality across academics, community, and beauty.

Rewind nearly 15 years ago, I took care of a special girl at the time who was undergoing chemotherapy, and throughout her cancer journey and our time together - she told me she planned to compete one day. She shared her aspirations was a result of my participation and the Miss Vietnam DC organization. I will try to complete this blog without being completely in tears. Miss Laura Doan is her name, she is now a thriving community leader, wife, mom, and the Pageant Director of the Miss VietFest Organization. How amazing is that. Come full circle, I believe we were always planting the seeds and I know things that go around, comes around.

Emily Giovinazzo, Laura Doan, Nhut Pho (Miss Vietnam DC 2011)

Utilizing the platform and industry I am in, I am incredible lucky to share Bella Li Studio with all of you. Part of my contribution to this pageant and the title holder was a curated package to help them in the next chapter of their lives, another pageant, a big career move, or just to feel more confident again. Thank you for taking the time to read this and maybe I will see you around next summer for VietFest 2024.

Miss VietFest 2023 Crowning

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