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Designed as a triple-action bond-building process, the Bond Fusion System enhances the structure of the hair during and after color chemical services and thermal styling. No color service?— use the Bond Fusion system on its own to deeply restore and repair the hair by diluting Step 1 with water. Each step is infused with our H-2™ Complex to protect, repair and strengthen every strand.
Bond Preserve (Step 3) is the at-home treatment loaded with H-2™ Complex maintains the integrity of the repaired bonds and improves overall health, appearance and integrity of hair between salon visits.

HOW TO USE: Take home and use 2-3 weeks after salon visit. Apply to washed hair from mid-lengths to ends. Let sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse. Do not apply near hair extension adhesion sites.

Bond Preserve (Bond Fusion System Step 3)

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